Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wedding Dinner at Everyday Supreme Restaurant

Dad was invited to a relative's wedding dinner last Sunday and I tagged along. I don't really know who the relative is .. I have too many relatives, I lost track, but I went anyway for the food.

Dinner was at Everyday Supreme Restaurant, Red Rock Hotel. I've been told that the food there was good, but have yet to try it for myself, until last Sunday.

The dinner is a typical chinese wedding dinner, with the usual cake cutting and toasting in between dishes. Nice restaurant, but the only problem is that some tables are placed in such a way that the guests will not get to see the main table and sadly, even the stage.

Anyway, here's what we had ...

Deluxe Hot & Cold Dish Combination - not my favourite. There's not 'hot'. Everything is 'cold'!!!

Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat & Dried Scallop - although I do feel a tad bit guilty everytime I eat shark's fin, I absolutely loved this dish. Some restaurants do not give so much of shark's fin but this bowl is filled with it!!! Poor sharks!!!

Roasted Boneless Sucking Pig - this is the first time having pork in a wedding dinner. Perhaps this restaurant is non-halal. Fantastic dish nevertheless!!! Oh, and no one at the pig head though!!

Pan Friend Prawns with Butter & Oats - when there is prawns, there is me!!! Haha ... I just can't live without prawns!!!

Braised Mixed Vegetables with Bean Curd Skin - dad loves the bean curd skin. I like the mushrooms inside!!

Steamed Sea Bass Fish with Soy Sauce - taste rather bland though.

Steamed Rice with Lotus - I like it but I was already too full to eat rice after so many dishes.

Honey Dew Sago with Lyechee - I only like the sweet syrup!!!

And the usual wedding cake, which I did not eat after all the good dishes.

4 quacks:

SimpleGirl said...

i always like the rice served after all other dishes.....this lotus rice looks so nice!!!

Allie said...

The shark fin soup is killing me! Looks so inviting!

foodbin said...

good presentation of the various dishes

Duckie said...

simple girl, the rice is actually quite nice!! but i'm just a little too full after eating so many dishes earlier.

allie, the shark's fin soup is fantastic!!!

foodbin, thanks for dropping by