Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pantai Seafood Restaurant, Kampung Sg Kayu Ara

Last Saturday, I was down in KL for a weekend getaway and also to have a joint birthday celebration - me and my hubby's birthday. My birthday is 2 weeks later but since I am down in KL, we've decided to celebrate it together.

2 birthday celebrations definately warrants for a good meal and what would be better than crabs!!!

We went to this place called Pantai Seafood Restaurant at Kampung Sg Kayu Ara. It was actually quite far from where we stay. The drive took us like 45 mins on normal traffic. Knowing that this place would be packed, we left early and reached there at 6.30pm, with only a few tables of people and ample parking space. Go a little later and you might not even have a place to park!!

From the outside, this place is really nothing special.

I love this place. Look at the variety of seafood they have. Lots of imported seafood and I've never even heard off.

Look, they have Alaskan King Crabs for RM238 per kg and Snow Crab for RM228 per kg.

The usual peanuts for us to munch on while waiting for our food. Once again, for those who do not want this, you will have to inform the waiters or this will be charged to you bill.

A pot of Chinese Tea.

Stir Fried Kai Lan - this is actually the normal stir-fried kai lan with oyster sauce, but the leafy part of the veggie is deep fried so it makes the veggies crunchie at the same time, soft. Sounds confusing but it tastes good.

Braised Beancurd - I love the soft texture of the beancurd and the salty yet sweet sauce.

Salted Egg Snow Crab - this is my very first time eating a Snow Crab. In fact, I've never even knew of such crab called Snow Crab.

Snow crab are caught as far north as the Arctic Ocean, from Newfoundland to Greenland and north of Norway in the Atlantic Ocean, and across the Pacific Ocean, including the Sea of Japan, the Bering Sea, the Gulf of Alaska, Norton Sound, and even as far south as California.

The shell is light brown on the back and creamy white on the belly. When cooked, the shell of the snow crab turns bright orange. The meat has a rich, sweet flavour and firm texture. Orangey-pink on the surface and white inside, snow crabmeat is composed of fine, tender filaments that are exquisitely mild and tasty, but also very expensive!!! This plate of Snow Crab costs RM273.60!!!

I really do not know how to get there again, and where exactly is this place so here's the gps coordinates. It's a good thing I'm not the one driving!!

Duckie's Review :
Food : Excellent!!! The Snow Crab is just fantastic!!! Really a must try. The kai lan is good too.
Price : Needless to say, the Snow Crab is expensive, but the other 2 dishes were very reasonable. Will I go there again ... definately!! Maybe another round of Snow Crabs?!

7 quacks:

worldwindows said...

The Snow crab looks so good with the layer of salted egg yolk!

SimpleGirl said...

wow, really very expensive snow crab...but since I've read a lot about it, hope can try it! How is it different from the normal crab?

Michael Lankton said...

snow crab is an item on the menu at most casino buffets in the states, approx. 50-75RM all you can eat

Bangsar-bAbE said...

The snow crab does look good, but the price tag.... *pengsan*

Duckie said...

worldwindows, the salted egg is just fantastic!!

simple girl, snow crab meat is more fine and tender. shell is much softer too.

michael, looks like snow crab is cheaper there!!! it's horribly expensive here!!!

bangsar-babe, i almost pengsan when i saw the bill. lucky husband paid!!

J2Kfm said...

yeah ... expected a few faint spells when dining in seafood restaurants and ordering something that's charged per kilo or 100gm.

this one looks suspiciously like the Unique group of restaurants.

ew said...

wow..very expensive crab...i love seafood also...been to pandai seafood before for their river steam fish..very nice..fresh ! must try...but the price not cheap also...:( oh ya..another seafood restaurant @ old subang air port road..the fresh steam prawn very fresh and nice...tryout!