Monday, January 12, 2009

A little binging

I love weekends!!! Weekends are always the best time to just sit and laze around at home doing nothing and weekends are also the time when I tend to overeat a little.

My weekend 'technically' starts at 1pm on Sat. Sadly, I suppose I'm one of the few who still needs to work on Saturdays.

And last Saturday, I was starving by the time I finish work and on the way back, I've decided to drop by Prima Tanjung to grab something to eat .. but ended up buying a little more!!!

Roti Bak Kua & fishballs

Fried spring roll & cucur udang

Taufu fah

I ate a little too much didn't I?!

6 quacks:

SimpleGirl said...

Hi Duckie, for your info, I also need to work on some Saturdays...haha..

Hmm, howz the cucuk udang?

J2Kfm said...

eh where got a lot ... hahaha... i can down double of those in no time. =P

Little Inbox said...

It's normal to have such appetite during this period of time. Enjoy!

ck lam said...

Nice variation of snacks...and not a lot for me :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

hmmm,... a lot also... :)

Duckie said...

simple girl, i do like working on saturdays at times, but i sometimes feel that i have a shorter weekend!!!

j2kfm, little inbox, ck lam and new kid, these are a little too much considering i am only there to buy taufu fah but ended up buying a lot more!!!