Friday, April 18, 2014

Wondermama, Bangsar Village II

Another place recommended by dad. He's getting quite good in going to places to makan and recommending them to me nowadays. This place has a good combination of local and western food.

Mee Siam and I really liked it. Big portion and yummy too.

Horlicks Ice. I very seldom order this drink but the one here is actually thick and nice.

Burger. Not bad too, with a side or rojak. Something different.

Friday, April 11, 2014

La Lot Vietnamese Cuisine

This is my first time having Vietnamese food and I'm rather surprised that I quite like it. I would never have tried Vietnamese food, if not for a friend who came all the way to KL to visit me.

La Lot at Pavillion. 

The various types of spring rolls. I like the peanut sauce that goes with the spring rolls. 

A very healthy bee hoon with lots of vege and prawns, and served with the same peanut and sweet chilli sauce. 
Can't remember the name of the dish though. 

Also another version but this one is with beef instead.

I must say that Vietnamese food is very healthy indeed. Lots of vege, some of which I ate, and quite a lot of it ended up on the plate. But still, I will go back for more Vietnamese food.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Kamu Kacang Putih, Ipoh

I have blogged about this place in an earlier post, but it was mixed with other food and places to eat as well. This time, I specifically went back to this shop, called Kamu Kacang Putih in Ipoh and made sure I took enough photos to have a post on its own.

There are a few shops selling murukus and all these snacks around that area, which sadly I do not know the name of the area, but I was told that this shop sells the nicest tasting ones. 

Each pre-packed packets sells for RM2 only. If you want a combination or a repack, they'll do it for you and the price varies depending on the type and weight.

All these for RM12 only. A fraction of the price from the stall in MidValley and a whole lot more than what I can get from MidValley.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh

Heard so much about this place and I finally got the opportunity to try the dim sum here. I was told by a local that the dim sum from the shop opposite is much better, but of course when you're new in town, you try the famous ones first.

The typical dim sum card and as you can see, the price ranges from RM1.70 to RM10.50. Rather reasonable.

I am not going to bother elaborating about each and every basket of dim sum I took. What I will comment is that the dim sum there is good but I'm not that expert a dim sum person so I don't really know if it is superb or just average, but good enough for me. 

You can either go take the dim sum yourself at the various stations or they'll come to you, but if the place is already packed, I'd suggest you go line up to take your own dim sum.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Chung Ling Association, PJ

My dad's current favorite place, Chung Ling Association Restaurant at PJ. He said that's the one place that you hear a lot of Penang Hokkien being spoken, and not to mention reasonably good nyonya food.

Hailam Noodles

Assam Prawns. I love this assam prawns. Never learnt how to cook from my mum when she was alive. Never did get the recipe too.

Ju Hu Char. I don't particularly like this dish here. A little too wet and soggy. Kinda prefer the one in Penang

Lor Bak. 

Curry Fish Head. Very good.

Tu Ka Chor. Never really know how to enjoy this dish.

Overall not a bad place for lunch. Price is rather reasonable too and the guy (I assume the boss of the restaurant) is a very friendly guy.