Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hello Kitty House Bangkok

Popular place for girls at Siam Square - BTS Station Siam

Why limit yourself to the express counter - must go in even if you have to wait in line which does happen on weekends

Upon entering you will be enchanted by rows and rows of cute cakes ....

Should I get some cupcakes ...

... or this rainbow cake ...

... or these creape cakes ...

... or some pancakes ...

... or these cute mouse cake?

But the creape cake looks so nice...

... but these cheese cakes looks so good too ...

... even these brownies look so cute and delicious ...

Oh i cant decide!!!!

My head is spinning with the hello kitty song playing the background over and over again ...

All so cute!!!!

But so expensive average 150 baht ... but then again, its Hello Kitty!!!

Fnally made my decision and made my order with these PINK shirt guys ... haha the horror to be a guy working here!! Maybe they should dress up as Hello Kitty as well!!!
Took my order and went to look for my designated table 12

Oh here it is - oh so pink!!

Here is what I ordered ...


and pancakes

Having my tea party

Here at hello kitty house that is 3-stories high

Done eating time to explore

Should have come upstairs much prettier

Now time to go down basement for some shopping

Small but intresting its hello kitty

Super love, love, LOVE this place!!

I want ALL of these .... OMG I should so get a cupboard for my tonnes Hello Kitty stuffs at home!!!

But ended up buying only this. A tiny thingy to add to my already ENDLESS Hello Kitty collection. Going to make this into a fridge magnet.

Good bye Hello Kitty - I shall return to you soon ... XOXO!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hakka Restaurant, Jalan Raja Chulan

I've never had hakka food and this is my very first time. I've always passed by this place when I go Pavillion and always thought of going to try there but never did. A good friend's dad treated me to this place and I must say that hakka food is not that much different from the ordinary chu char although they do have a few special dishes. I liked them all!! Best of all, this place has steamboat too and I'm looking forward to trying their steamboat!!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Ikon Kitchen, Bukit Jalil

This is another place that we go quite often. As you can see, we don't cook and we would usually just tapau economy rice on weekdays and usually go out for dinners during weekends.

This place is just opposite my condo, and once again, it took me a while before I started going there and realizing that the food there is good. A little pricey though, but then again, this is KL and since moving down to KL, I hardly compare the price of food anymore. I figured if it is good, if the place is convenient, then it is good enough.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Overseas Restaurant, Sri Petaling.

A very nice Chinese restaurant. Rather famous one too and of course, price is rather expensive but food is really good. As you can see here we went there for the rice with dishes and we've also gone there for the fried noodles, etc. Everything is good. Will go back there for the dim sum one day.